We Are Excited To Introduce: The Crew

The Crew is a group of engaging First Citizens' Team Members who have volunteered to commit themselves to our communities and its people. They will serve as the face and voice of First Citizens’ in conjunction with our current presence in the community.

The goal of The Crew is to engage, educate, and communicate with the community digitally and at events to create a personal experience externally for our members, and also internally for our team members. By building trusting relationships within the community, we look to connect in a meaningful and positive way!

You will likely find The Crew at local community events and shows as well as posting fun & educational content on social media.

When I am not working I enjoy spending time with my family, going to the beach, kayaking, & walking local trails. I also spend time baking, reading, and watching our local sports teams! I love going to wine tastings with my friends and meeting new people. Find me in the Tri-town and Wareham area!
I volunteer at Our Daily Bread Soup Kitchen and Resource Center teaching financial literacy to the homeless and at risk. I am also a Mentor for Taunton Area Schools to Careers and Mentor a Taunton High School Student. I enjoy outdoor sports including golf, tennis and hiking. I enjoy acting and singing and performing in Musicals.
I'm a New England girl who loves all the local sports and embraces each of our four beautiful seasons. I love spending time outdoors with my boys riding, going to the beach, hiking, and even playing in the snow. On the weekends you'll find me somewhere in Downtown New Bedford enjoying local foods and drinks. I'm passionate about volunteering and helping others in the community. If you see me out and about, introduce yourself, I'd love to meet you!
I am a lover of all things health and wellness, including physical and mental well-being initiatives. Spending time with my family and my three dogs Roxy, Luna and Haze gives me life. The Southcoast community holds a special place in my heart and I am dedicated to doing what I can to help and get involved with the local non-profits. Volunteering for me is a choice and most certainly not a chore as I find happiness in giving no matter how big or small the impact. 

A self-proclaimed traveler, I spend most of my summer vacations in Europe. I am very proud to be Portuguese and rep the culture. Things I love in no particular order; cats, sunflowers, chocolate, french fries and did I mention Cats? If you ever catch me with my earbuds, in there’s a 99% chance I’m listening to the 80s.