Features and Functionality

  • Expanded channels through which members can make payments to include branch, mail, Member Service Representative assisted 1 , online 2 and IVR 3 (Interactive
    Voice Response) in English.
  • Self service payment options available 24/7.
  • Eliminates using or voiding a check.
  • Our payment system is fully protected under the regulations for electronic payments. There are no checks or receipts to get lost or stolen resulting in possible identity theft.
  • Account can be set up with recurring payments eliminating the need for the member to initiate the payment every month thus minimizing the possibility of late fees and/ or negative credit reporting. Please note: Effective September 1, 2015 First Citizens' will no longer accept credit cards as a form of payment. If you currently have existing scheduled payments scheduled after August 31, 2015, to pay your loan with us, you will need to re-create these scheduled payments on or after September 1, 2015. If you were making these scheduled payments with your credit card you will need to pay using one of our other methods available.
  • Members have the option to pay from a Checking account, Savings account or Debit Card using our new IVR system!

1 A convenience fee of $7.50 for our time processing this transaction over the phone
2 There is a convenience fee of $5.00 paying via eCheck from another financial institution .  

3 There is a convenience fee of $15.00 for this payment service

For your convenience, you can now register to set up recurring payments and be able to sign in and track your loan progress along with any payments that have already been made. Enroll Now

One-time Payments

Pay Your Loan

First Citizens' offers a variety of ways to make your loan payments quickly, easily, and securely! Whether you're looking to set-up something automatic or you'd like a more conventional option, we've got you covered. You have the option to pay from a Checking or Savings account.

Auto Payment

Set up a recurring payment and have your payments automatically deducted from your First Citizens' savings/checking account or from another institution. Please contact us at (800) 642-7515 or via email at info@firstcitizens.org to set up your automatic payments.

Pay at Your Local Branch or Mail-in Your Payment

You can simply stop by any of our convenient branch locations or mail-in your payment to the address that appears on your statement.

Pay Online

Make a payment online via eCheck from another financial institution. There is a convenience fee of $5.00.

Call Us

Make a payment You can call-in to a Member Service Representative to pay your loan. However, you may incur a convenience fee of $7.50 for our time processing this transaction over the phone.

Interactive Voice Response Payment

Make a payment 24/7 via our Interactive Voice Response system. Simply call 877-333-5363 from your phone and follow the prompts to pay your loan with a debit card or via eCheck. There is a convenience fee of $15.00 for this payment service.

Make a Payment


  1. Payments can only be made to a First Citizens’ Federal Credit Union loan.
  2. Payments will be effective only after the transaction has been validated.
  3. Online payments will be processed within 3 business days and will be made effective the date payment was made.
  4. Any disputed transactions or returned items may result in a $10.00 fee. A payment reversal from your loan may also result in a late fee. (Refer to your loan agreement for details on late payments )
  5. Please retain a copy of the supplied receipt page or email as proof your transaction has been approved.

Contact us for more information or call 1-800-642-7515.