Subscription traps take place when you sign up for free or low-cost product trials which may lock you into costly repeat payments. Typically, these products include, but are not limited to, weight-loss supplements, health foods, dating websites, pharmaceuticals, and anti-aging products.

Subscription Trap vs Online Fraud:
If you see an unrecognized/unauthorized debit card charge for a subscription on your account:
• Check your inbox for an email notification from the merchant. The notification should have been received 30-60 days prior to the charge.
• Contact the merchant. For the most part, the merchant’s phone number can be found in the description of the charge.
• Request reimbursement and cancel the subscription.

*If you did not sign up for this merchant’s subscription and this is truly fraud, contact us at 1-800-642-7515 immediately.

How to Avoid Subscription Traps:
  • Read the small print (terms & conditions) carefully before entering into any agreement or making a purchase, however long this may take.
  • Make sure the terms & conditions box has not been pre-ticked. 
  • If you make a purchase of this kind that gives you a limited timescale to cancel the agreement, make sure you do so before the due date if you want to cancel it.
  • Check your transaction history through Online Banking, calling our Direct Access phone system at 1-800-991-4296 or reviewing your monthly statements. Ensure they match your recollection and your other records. If at any time you notice any discrepancies between your statements and your other records, please notify us immediately.
  • Use secure browsers when shopping online.