Latest Scams & Alerts 

Warning about Hoax Emails and Website (phishing and spoofing scams)

What You Can Do TO Prevent Fraud

We want to ensure all of our members are not only notified of the latest scams, but also educated on the types of fraud that exist. The more you know, the more likely you will be able to spot an attempt. You can also protect your community by reporting fraud, scams, and bad business practices on the Federal Trade Commission Website. 

What is Identity Theft

Identity theft occurs when someone illegally obtains your personal information (such as your name, Social Security number, account numbers, or other identification) and uses it to open new accounts and/or conduct transactions in your name. Essentially, they try to become you.

What about online fraud?

Online fraud occurs when someone unlawfully obtains your personal information (such as your name, Social Security number, account numbers, or online banking login and password) and makes unauthorized transactions on your bank, loan, or credit card accounts. Often called "phishing" or "spoofing," the most current methods of online fraud are fake emails, websites and pop-up windows

Think Ahead

We ask that our members please be diligent in managing their accounts and continue to be on the lookout for fraudulent activity. If you notice anything suspicious regarding your accounts or if you feel your debit card information may have been compromised, please contact our Contact Center at 1-800-642-7515.

Fraud Protection

First Citizens’ Federal Credit Union has around-the-clock monitoring to help protect against fraud. With this service, fraud specialists watch for suspicious card activity on your account 24/7, 365 days a year.

As a result, when transactions occur that are not consistent with your usual card activity, you will receive a notification from First Citizens’ Federal Credit Union’s Detection Center to verify the authenticity of these transactions; sometimes even while the transaction is happening. 

If a suspicious transaction does take place, look for the following:
  • A text message from our First Citizens’ Credit Union’s Fraud Detection Center, with the ability to respond.
  • An email from, verifying that the recent transactions on your debit card were made with your authorization.
  • A telephone call from First Citizens’ Federal Credit’s Fraud Detection Center agent. In certain instances you may receive a call from our automated system.
Please Note: Our agents will make two attempts to call you with a gap of 15 minutes between each call.

If fraud is suspected on your account our Fraud Detection Center will contact you as mentioned above to verify the transactions in question. You will not be asked to provide any account information or personal information such as your social security number, PIN number or any other particular account information. You will be asked to confirm details of the transaction to assist in identifying any suspected fraudulent activity; details such as the date of the transaction, the amount of the transaction and or the merchant.

If the charges are valid, you may continue to use your card. If the charges are not valid, your card will be blocked to prevent any further fraudulent activity. You will then need to contact us directly to report the fraud and order a replacement card. You may contact us by phone at 1-800-642-7515, or visit any branch office.

Note: First Citizens’ Federal Credit Union’s Fraud Detection Center cannot stop a charge once it has been approved. They simply block your card to prevent further fraud. Once the fraudulent transaction has posted to your account, First Citizens’ Federal Credit Union will work with you to complete the required reports to assist in attempting to recoup any unauthorized paid charges.

Restricted Transactions
As part of our efforts to protect your account from fraudulent activity, we may from time to time limit certain types of transactions based on the probability that fraud may be involved. All reasonable efforts will be made to contact you in advance and provide notice of any limitations we may place on your card; however, the primary concern will be for us to react in a timely manner to prevent and/or limit any potential fraud exposure.

Our Fraud Prevention Service reviews various account and transactional characteristics to determine the likelihood of fraud. An example of such account behavior may be identifying multiple account transactions being performed within a close proximity of time from the same card number; however, they are being conducted in different states.

Here are more ways you can help prevent fraud

Learn More from the FTC


First Citizens’ has always requested for you to notify us in the event you will be traveling out of the country and will need to use your First Citizens’ Debit Card. This is so that we can monitor your account closely and ensure you have access to your funds when using your First Citizens’ Debit Card.

If you will be out of traveling outside the United States you will need to contact us at 1-800-642-7515 in order for us to authorize out of country transactions on your debit card.

Please update your phone numbers with us, including your cell number. You can also provide us with a temporary phone number. Please be sure to let us know when you return so we can remove this temporary number. This will allow Fraud Prevention to reach you during your travels, should it be necessary.

If you are traveling abroad please take our contact information with you in the event you need to contact us.