At First Citizens' we have made and will continue to invest in our systems to provide you the peace of mind in knowing that your financial assets and personal information is safe and secure. We will continue working to protect you against account fraud and keeping you informed about how to protect your identity. 

Text & Phone Card Scam – 9-30-16

Please be advised that we have been notified of a telephone and text “Credit Union Alert” scam. 

If you receive a phone call or text from this number 844-906-0788 and the text states, “this is a credit union alert and our debit card was frozen and to call that number”. Please do not respond or provide any of your account or personal information. 

If you gave any personal or account information, please contact us at 1-800-642-7515 IMMEDIATELY, so we can protect your account information. First Citizens’ will NEVER request any personal information (such as account numbers, passwords, PINS, or Social Security Numbers, etc.) through a text message, over the phone or through an unsecured email.

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