You Never Think It Could Happen To You.

I came to First Citizens' as a young mom that lost my husband unexpectedly. First Citizens' empathized with my suffering and understood I needed help getting back on track. Through a Home Equity line of Credit, I paid off high interest credit cards, repaired my home and am taking care of my family. This HELOC is a gift that keeps on giving. After closing, I received an unexpected tuition bill for my son's school. I was able to pay that bill and my son is enjoying his school every single day. - Linda (Member)

What's a Credit Score?

I began working with First Citizens' through a joint program with the Housing Assistance Corporation where they help clients like myself with credit and financial questions.  They offered financial seminars in group sessions and with one-on-one situations as needed with ongoing support in an effort to get me to the point of being a homeowner. When I began this program, I had a credit score of "N/A" and had never taken a loan out in my life.  My mindset was “If I don’t have the money for it then I do not need it.  I can fix what I have or make do with what I have for now”. But I realized in my journey of homeownership, I didn't have any credit history to use.  The program provided educational resources which I absorbed and took full advantage of.  They provided assistance and I put in the work.  As a result, two years later, I now have 3 credit cards (below 10% usage), a credit score of over 750, a savings for a down payment on a home,  a budget that I follow, and am now pre-approved through First Citizens' to buy a home.  I am at the doorstep of being a homeowner and the last step for me is to find a home within my price range with my offer accepted.  - Jake (Member)

We're Family

I knew that I would develop acquaintances through the Housing Assistance Corporation and First Citizens' program, but Jake has become far more than that.  He is a friend and a brother, and I to him, all because of what First Citizens' has empowered me to do with regards to volunteerism and the education provided to me by my peers that I gladly share in our community. -  (Team Member)

First Time Homeowner Hurdles 

I was excited to purchase my first home but didn't expect some of the obstacles that were to come my way. My intention was to purchase a multi family in New Bedford to provide affordable rents to the area. The home I wanted to purchase needed some TLC and had to be updated to building codes. The home was also in an estate and was delayed because it was in the process of going through the courts. What a mess! With the help of First Citizens', I was able to not only purchase the multi-family with only 5% down of my own money, I also received a grant and additional funds to make a 10% down payment! I am so happy I got through this with my superstar team! Realtor, Attorney and lender! - Trish (Member)


Keeping Our Community Warm This Winter

During a monthly call with a local non-profit organization, a community outreach worker stated that she had an elderly homeless person who needed a winter coat. She went to the usual "clothing closets" that many non-profit agencies share for these types of situations. However, there was nothing. No coats or even sweatshirts to help this elderly person. Others on the call also voiced their concerns about the same issue especially with colder winter days and nights coming ahead. I knew      First Citizens' could help. I spoke to our team and was able to run to a few stores to buy coasts and sweatshirts. I was able to drop off 30 sweatshirts, 9 male winter coats and 10 women's winter coats along with a bag          of hoodies and other coats that were gently used. They are so grateful and it felt great knowing      we are making a impact with something as simple as a coat. 

-Leslie (Team Member)