First Citizens' has partnered with Banzai

We're bringing a financial wellness program to our community with free interactive courses, articles, and coaches. Whether you're a parent trying to teach your child about money or an adult working to create a budget, were here to help you reach your unique goals!

Our Financial Wellness Center boasts real-life scenarios, tips, and tricks to help you stay on track with your finances.
Start by checking out our Digital Wellness Coach below! Explore the rest of our Financial Wellness Center.

Calling all educators!

Make an impact with Banzai for Education. First Citizens’ is bringing a premium online financial literacy program to educators and students in your area for free. Banzai supports all learning and teaching styles.
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Interactive Courses

Teach skills like budgeting, saving, understanding debt, using the internet safely, and more with experience-based online games. Virtual badges keep students motivated as they master diverse financial topics.

Printed Workbooks

Free printed workbooks complement each financial literacy course and challenge students to use critical thinking, math, and vocabulary to work through real-life scenarios. Booklets are shipped directly to your school.

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Banzai Library

The comprehensive digital library allows students to dive even further into vital financial topics. Students can read all about health insurance, discover what the 50/30/20 rule means for them, calculate what it takes to pay off a credit card and much more.

Teachers & Students

Sign up for Banzai with your school’s code and log into Banzai here.


First Citizens’ has brought an award-winning and interactive financial education platform to your child’s school. Sign up and learn more about Banzai here.

Banzai FAQs

Banzai is 100% free for you and teachers to use in the classroom. FCFCU cares about teaching young people and adults to be financially responsible; so, we partnered with Banzai to offer financial education to our members and local schools!
Banzai emphasizes practical skills over technical know-how. We call it "learning by doing." Banzai teaches healthy spending habits, banking basics to children, planning ahead, insurance, and a lot more.
Banzai is flexible—it saves your progress, so return to it any time. For the Banzai Teen and Junior products, plan 45 minutes to an hour to complete each course. For Banzai Plus, consider an hour.
In Banzai, there are three types of courses: young children (ages 8-11), teens (ages 13-18), and adults (targeting ages 18+).

Banzai is for Everyone


Most Banzai courses are available in English and Spanish. Spanish versions include the same decisions, quizzes, test questions, and interactive gameplay as the English versions.

Special Education

Banzai Junior uses the same core principles that are taught in Teen & Plus, but the requirements are simpler. If your child is struggling with the advanced courses, try Banzai Junior to start.

Gifted and Talented

Does your child need an extra challenge? Try using a course designed for older students. Plus is the most challenging interactive game, and the Banzai Library includes content suited for all ages including adults.


Vision-impaired students and parents can access the content on using most screen readers, and Banzai courses can be completed without a mouse.

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