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Standard White Envelopes Returning

Based upon the remaining supply of brown Kraft envelopes and the new availability of the standard white paper envelops, monthly statements and/or notices will be reverting back to the standard white paper envelopes. These standard envelopes are expected to be back in production on July 1. Members may still receive documents in the brown Kraft envelopes until production and delivery of the white envelopes are completed. If you should have further questions, please call 1-800-642-7515 or email Marketing@FirstCitizens.org.

Our Hanover Branch is Closing June 10, 2022

First Citizens’ takes pride in living our core value of Doing What’s Right and providing a meaningful, positive member experience. In January 2020, we opened the Hanover branch as part of our commitment to provide financial products and services that are easy to obtain and convenient to use throughout our field of membership. Although we anticipated this new location would better serve the members of the greater Hanover community, we found it lacked the impact we desired. Our intent was to expand our footprint and extend the opportunity to provide the necessary financial support and advocacy to our community.

Time has granted us the clarity around our mission and helped us determine that our reach is possible regardless of whether there is a physical branch presence or not. As an organization, we have determined that our focus on community requires us to regroup and find our way closer to home. For that reason, First Citizens’ will be permanently closing our Hanover Branch located at 1095 Washington Street effective June 10, 2022. We invite our valued members to enjoy the same high-quality service and banking convenience at our 10 other branch locations, and for even more convenience, though our online and mobile banking app.

Online and mobile banking allows 24/7 access to perform many day-to-day transactions. You can deposit checks, transfer funds, set up bill pay and so much more. Need to pay a loan? You can pay loans through online banking, by calling 877-333-5363, or by visiting our loan payment center.

Rest assured, we will continue to be present and support the Greater Hanover community. Over the last two years, we’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with the Hanover Chamber, Southshore Chamber, End Hunger NE, the Hanover Food Pantry, and many other important organizations in the area. We are eager to continue assisting those organizations along with the many local businesses we have built strong relationships with. In addition, we will be spending time reassessing our presence in other locations of closer proximity to the heart of our operations including a potential branch in Plymouth, MA.

As always, we honor our commitment to Do What’s Right, Get Better Every day, and Support & Improve Our Community. Should you have further questions or concerns, you may email us at Marketing@FirstCitizens.org or call us at 1- 800-642-7515.

Our Falmouth Branch is Temporarily Closed

Like many other organizations, particularly on the Cape, recruitment has continued to be a challenge for us. Due to the lack of staff to properly maintain a drive-up/ lobby presence, we regret to inform you we will be temporarily closing our Falmouth branch beginning May 3rd until further notice. We apologize for the short notice and hope our members can understand the urgency of the matter. We will continue to actively recruit and train in hopes to reopen the Falmouth branch in the coming weeks. We would like to thank our current Falmouth team members for being resilient during this time and assisting with other branches as we work to reopen Falmouth.

We remind and encourage members to utilize online or mobile banking to perform many of your day-to-day transactions. You can deposit checks, transfer funds, set up bill pay and so much more. Need to pay a loan? You can pay loans through online banking, by calling (877) 333-5363, or by visiting our loan payment center. Our ATM will continue to be accessible on site 24/7. In the event you need to access a branch, you can visit our locations page to locate nearby branches, such as Mashpee, and view our hours of operations.

We will continue to be present and support the Falmouth community along with the many local businesses we have built profound relationships with. We have purchased dozens of gift certificates from local Falmouth small businesses in hopes to show our support and commitment to the community. Visit our Mashpee branch during the month of May for a chance to win.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may bring and thank you for your patience as we work through this challenging time. As always, we honor our commitment to Do What’s Right, Get Better Every Day, and Support & Improve Our Community. We would also like to take this time to highlight our available positions on the Cape. Please click here to apply or share the openings with someone you may know.

Should you have further questions or concerns, you may email us at Marketing@FirstCitizens.org or call us at (800) 642-7515.

Members Please Beware- June 6th Fraud Alert

We have been made aware that fraudsters are masking their phone number with the First Citizens' 1-800-642-7515 number and asking for personal information such as debit card numbers and pins.  The fraudster may inform you that fraud was discovered on your account and they need to send you a new debit card. They may sound professional and even text you with a verification code. Although First Citizens' does contact members when fraud is detected on an account, we will NEVER ask for your card number, ESPECIALLY your pin. Please DO NOT give any personal information when being asked over the phone. This is a scam and we ask you stay vigilant to prevent actual fraud from occurring on your account. If you receive this call, hang up and dial us at 1-800-642-7515 to inform us. 

Convenient Changes to Gas Station Holds

When you use your First Citizens’ VISA debit card at a gas station, merchants may request a temporary hold on your account for a specified sum of money when the merchant doesn’t know the exact amount of the purchase at the time the card is authorized. The amount of the temporary hold may be more than the actual amount of your purchase. Debit card authorization holds can help you better determine the funds you have available for use and avoid non-sufficient funds (NSF) or overdraft situations. Although available balances and temporary holds are helpful tools to assist with budgeting, being vigilant of your actual balance and pending transactions are the best ways to ensure you stay out of the negative.

Today, holds are placed on your account until the transaction is cleared. For some transactions, the hold could be placed for upwards of 3 days. For your convenience, beginning June 8th, gas station holds will now be released after approximately 2 hours or when the transaction clears; whichever comes first.

Although having these holds removed after 2 hours will be a convenience for many, we caution everyone to be mindful of your actual balance when using your debit card. A hold could be removed from your available balance after 48 hours, but the transaction could clear at a later time.

For more on holds and NSF fees, visit our website here https://www.firstcitizens.org/personal/overdraft.

For information on budgeting and staying in the green, visit our financial education center here https://firstcitizens.teachbanzai.com/wellness/resources/income-and-expenses.

As always, your financial well-being is a top priority of First Citizens’. If you have further questions on gas station holds, please call us at 1800 642 7515.

Congratulations to Our 2022 Scholarship Winners!

Congratulations to all four of our 2022 scholarship winners! Becca Polzin of Falmouth High School received $1,000 from the Barbara Whitehead Silva Scholarship. Sabrina Costa of Global Learning Charter Public School, Deysia Andrade of Greater New Bedford Regional Vocational Technical High School, and Borodine Chery of Taunton High School each received $5,000 from the First Citizens' Charitable Foundation Scholarship. Best of luck in the future to our winners and all 2022 graduates!


Internet Explorer Users- Take Notice

Your safety and security is important to us which is why we frequently upgrade our security features and requirements. Due to numerous security vulnerabilities with Internet Explorer, as of December 6th, online banking will no longer be supported by Internet Explorer.  Please use an alternative browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Safari to log into online banking or access your accounts on the First Citizens' mobile app. 

We're Combining Statements!

We are making banking easier and more organized by combining ownership-like accounts into one statement beginning January 1st.
What does this mean? Simply, for the majority of the accounts that you are the primary account holder of, your account statements will be combined, or sent to you in one mailing versus several mailings/envelopes during the month. If you receive e-statements, it will be in one document, versus several.

No action is needed on your part! If you would like to combine joint accounts or to request your account statements NOT be combined, please call 1-800-642 7515. 

Combined Statements FAQ

Member Awareness- Proposal for new IRS reporting 

There is currently a proposal in Washington that would require financial institutions to report on business and personal account deposits  to the IRS regardless of tax liability. Below are links with more information and resources regarding this proposal. 

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