What is an Overdraft?

An overdraft occurs when a transaction exceeds your available balance, and the financial institution covers the transaction.

What is an Available Balance?

The Available Balance is the portion of your account balance which is available for you to spend at any given time. Available Balance changes throughout the day as you make transactions. Deposits may increase your Available Balance, withdrawals and purchases may reduce your Available Balance.

 Note: Available Balance does not reflect: 

  • Written checks that haven’t been cashed  
  • Bill payments that are scheduled and haven’t been posted
  • Pending per-authorized debits such as utilities or subscriptions via an ACH transaction 
  • Deposits that have yet to be made available (according to our Funds Availability Policy)

Tips to avoid Over-drafting

  • Monitor accounts regularly by enrolling in Online and Mobile Banking. Be sure to monitor debit card purchases, ATM withdrawals, written checks and any automatic bill payments you’ve set up. 
  • Enroll in account alerts through your Mobile Banking App. Our Mobile Banking App allows you to set up alerts including low-balance alerts that allow you to receive notifications or emails when you hit a predetermined low-balance threshold. 


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