Cut Costs and Save Money

A big problem with high inflation is our expenses get bigger, but our wages typically don’t. We want to help you find areas to cut down your expenses and ultimately save you money.

Areas to Assess and Cut down:


Grocery Shopping

Download multiple grocery store apps! You can easily shop multiple stores for deals, clip coupons, and earn rewards. Not to mention it helps you stick to your list.

Cell Phone Provider

Reach out to your cell phone provider to make sure aren’t paying for extra features or lines you don’t need. You also might qualify for a discount you weren’t aware of.

TV and Internet

What is a need versus a want? Check to see if you are paying for channels you don’t use or maybe a home telephone line. Maybe it is time to cut the cord all together. Just be cautious of paying for multiple streaming services- they add up quickly!


We can’t stress enough, check your subscriptions! Some might hit your account monthly, some quarterly and some even yearly. Go through your statements or online banking to double check where your money is going.

Paying in Full

When you are able to, pay the full amount of your insurance balance in full. There is almost always a discount for paying in full. Check with your insurance providers for discounts.


Credit Cards

If you have multiple credit cards and are able to pay more than the minimum, pay extra on the card with the highest interest. The lower you get that bill, the less interest you will be paying.

Interactive Resources

Explore interactive scenarios within our Education Center to help you stay on track and reach your goals. We've partnered with Banzai to bring free financial wellness program to our community. Your financial future starts today with our helpful tools and resources. Whether you're a parent trying to teach your kid about money or an adult working to create a budget, our free financial wellness program is here to help you reach your unique goals. Learn more about Banzai.

non-profit grants
If you're a registered 501c3 organization that demonstrates significant local impact, you could be eligible. Learn more about Non-Profit Grants.
individual investment grant
Are you applying to school or trying to advance your career but need funding? We want to invest in your future! Learn more about Individual Investment Grants.