Card Skimming

Hearing about card skimmers in the news more frequently? Learn more about these devices and how to protect yourself from this fraudulent activity.

  • What is a card skimmer?
    Card thieves are placing card skimming devices on top, or inside, ATM and gas pump card readers. This is used to read or ‘skim’ your card’s magnetic strip and store your card information.
  • Am I liable for fraudulent activity on my card due to card skimming?
    You are protected against losses on your account as long as you notify us promptly. It is important to always monitor your account regularly and notify us if you find suspicious transactions. If you believe you are a victim of card skimming, please call us at 1 800-642-7515.
  • What do I do if I find a card skimmer?
    If you find an ATM skimmer at one of our branch locations during hours of operation, please notify one of our branch administrators. If you find a skimming device after hours, please contact your local police department.
  • How can I protect my card information from a skimmer?
    Read some helpful tips below!

Use the safest ATMs or fuel pumps 
Card thieves typically choose fuel pumps that are furthest from a store’s windows or ATMs that are tucked away. When possible, use a fuel pump close to a store’s window and try to use ATMs that are in well trafficked areas.

Watch for anything out of the ordinary
Look for anything out of the ordinary. Does it appear that any doors or panels have been forced open or has the security tape been cut? Do you see any other signs of tampering? 

Carefully wiggle the card reader
Most card skimming devices are placed over the top or inside a legitimate card reader. Before inserting your card, carefully try to wiggle the plastic portion of the reader and see if it pops off or feels loose.

Keep your PIN safe
When entering your PIN, cover the keypad with your other hand. Thieves who’ve installed skimming devices may be using a camera to capture your PIN. Remember that it may not be necessary to use your PIN for a card transaction. When possible, choose the credit option and refrain from using your PIN.