Beginning June 5, 2023, Card Controls & Alerts will no longer exist. Although you won’t be able to set alerts based on card behavior, you will be able to set similar alerts* at the account level. Setting up these alerts will keep you in the know when deposits and withdrawals are being made against your account. Members will still be able to turn their cards on and off in the event it is lost or stolen within the Mobile Services Tab. 

*Some account alerts will come over to the new platform, some may not be able to. To confirm which alerts have been transferred, we recommend that you check your online banking on June 12th.

As always, First Citizens’ will alert you of any suspicious activity through text message, email, and phone. We have around-the-clock monitoring to help protect against fraud. If we see any suspicious activity, you will receive a notification from First Citizens’ Federal Credit Union’s Detection Center to verify the authenticity of these transactions; sometimes even while the transaction is happening.

If a suspicious transaction does take place, look for the following Fraud Protection Alert:

  • A text message from our First Citizens’ Federal Credit Union’s Fraud Detection Center, with the ability to respond.
  • An email from verifying that the recent transactions on your debit card were made with your authorization.
  • A telephone call from First Citizens’ Federal Credit Union's Fraud Detection Center agent. In certain instances, you may receive a call from our automated system.

To receive the most efficient/timely fraud services, it is extremely important that First Citizens’ Federal Credit Union has your most current contact information on file at all times. Visit our Online Banking Platform to check the current contact information we have on file.

To learn more about how Online Banking will be affected, click here.
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